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Wang Xiao Bai

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"Dance is a kind of sublimation through body language, the dancers with their own understanding of life and their own emotions in every dance movement to soul and vitality. But the language of dance is not only to express our human thoughts, but also to express all the life and sound of nature. So, a good dancer, her body language should be like nature and nature is his teacher."

Hello, I'm Wang Xiao Bai. When I was in the first grade, I saw other kids dancing. I was envious and afraid. I envy the beautiful dance, the beautiful princess in the story, and the fear of learning to dance as hard as people say.

Last summer, my mother took me to the private dance school in Luo Annah. Under the guidance of the dance teacher, I did every action. The teacher boasted about me and said I was a good dancer. In Ryan, I really enjoyed dancing. Every time I heard the beautiful music, I was naturally dancing with the moving music, and I was very happy.

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