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Gao Zi Joe

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"Innate talent is important. There are years and years of hard work, hard work and sweat. Love for dance is the only reason why every dancer pays for it. Technology is not the only thing, learning dance, practicing hard in the training room, and mastering the technology to express emotions. Dance skills are important, but technology is not the ultimate goal."

Listen to the inner monologue of Gao son Joe:

Hi, I'm Gao Zi Joe. Today I will share my little story about learning dance.

When I was young, I ran to the hospital from day to day. When the doctor saw me, he nodded my little nose and said I was a little bug. In order to enhance my physique, when I was four and a half years old, my mother sent me to Hongkong Rola private dance school.

My dancing teacher is very cute. I like it very much and admire her very much. Like her elegant and upright, cheerful and generous, admire that she has a good dance skills. Our teacher is a great dancer. I want to be like her! The teacher told me that dance is the expression of emotion and the language of the body. I want to keep trying and learn this language!

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