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Li Qianmo

Edit:  Release Date:2018/7/3 9:05:28

"Whether it is a native Chinese dance culture or a foreign dance culture, there is no need for translation or learning. As long as you have a feeling, you can feel more beautiful information and inspire imagination from the dance. Therefore, the body language in dance has no boundaries and can be extended."

Hello, I'm Li Qianmo. In the course of roian's study, I realized that dancing is not only to be able to jump right with the rhythm, but more importantly, to add his understanding of music and dance style in the dance, not only to "form" to "God", but also to show a person's dance accomplishment more than the dance step.

At first, I just imitate the way the teacher looks like, mechanically mimicking, showing a dull and unmoving action.

Later in the teacher's careful guidance, in each movement into the unique understanding of the music style, each action into their own feelings, I want to jump out of my own dance!

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