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Such dance education will benefit the child for life

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Recently, the art director, the world's famous dancer and Dance Educator Ms. Laurie Berilov came to the East China Sea and the Shenzhen Bay campus in Shenzhen. It brought a wonderful lecture for students and parents.

As the mother of modern dance, the third generation of descendants, Mrs. Laurie knows the essence of Duncan's dance and is an internationally recognized Duncan dance successor. At the same time, Ms. Laurie is also an outstanding educator of dance. Harvard, Julia college, Northwestern University, Smith college, Princeton University, New York University, Beijing Dance Academy and other well-known universities have left her teaching footprints.


The essence of dance is the confidence of life

In order to let Chinese students and parents feel more intuitively about the natural dance, Laurie shows a video of children of different ages learning natural dance in a video and tells Duncan's dance ideas. In the video, the children's movements are beautiful and natural, their feet, arms, expressions and eyes are unified in a harmonious rhythm, and they can see that they enjoy it very much. Laurie points out that although these children are not very old, they are already professional dancers, because the confidence and devotion they show, and the praise of life, are the spirit of Isadora's dance and the essence of the dance.


Let the child dance from the heart

According to Laurie, the natural dance created by Duncan emphasizes the continuity and fluidity of the movement, rather than the skill. It requires a dancer to cooperate with the natural breathing and make every move unfolding. To achieve this, every child must be allowed to jump out of every dance step from heart to heart instead of simply imitating the teacher. Therefore, in practical teaching, Laurie advocates that students' imagination and participation should be fully stimulated. She might tell the children to have an object on the ground, let them hold up the objects in a dance movement, put them in an imaginary basket, and then pass them to others or throw them out in their own way. In these seemingly simple processes, the children begin to think, to associate, and to learn to feel the space relationship between the front and the right, learning to take their own understanding of the dance movements, to turn the dance into one's own thing, and to become his own inner expression. Once the children open the door, the learning of the dance skills will become logical, and they will get better and better in their daily exercises, and more and more spiritually.


Two misunderstandings in the dance class

While sharing the concept of Duncan's dance, Laurie also pointed out the problems in some traditional dance classes. First, many teachers use a lot of energy to control students in class instead of inspiring them.

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Laurie, for example, says that many teachers will put students in a circle or stand in a straight line in class. But for younger children, it may not be able to understand what is "circle" or "straight line". At this time, the teacher may strictly ask the students to stand in a perfect circle or a standard line, or even pull the child directly to a designated position. In fact, such a small move may have affected children's interest in dancing. On the contrary, Laurie thinks that teachers should use heuristic guidance in class, use gestures to draw a circle and line, and let the children draw straight lines and circle with their hands on the ground, let them explore, understand, and then mobilize their own thinking to guide their actions. Children of age, even if they do not do so perfectly, do not have to be too hard on the teacher, because the real thing is to let the child learn the process, and the dance is the art of flowing and free.

Another mistake is that we feel that the usual classroom exercises and basic exercises are just exercises and skills training. But in Laurie's view, even everyday exercises must be accompanied by feelings and expressions. "In training, students should listen to their own inner voice in each dance, to fly their imagination and to do their movements with emotions, not only mechanically repeating without emotional training. Otherwise, children will feel that dancing is boring, and not only their hearts are not nourished, but also they will lose interest in dancing.

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"How much do children begin to learn to dance?"

Laurie's elaboration on dance education triggered the thinking and discussion of parents and students at the scene. In the interactive questioning session, parents raised their hands to ask the dance educator.


My child is now almost 5 years old and learning natural dance. At what age is it better to start learning to dance?

A: Duncan once said that if you really like dancing, age is not a problem. For natural dance, children learn earlier, and can better maintain their nature and innocence. Let them dance naturally from their childhood, so that their bodies can be stretched, so their hearts can also grow pure.


How can children keep her concentration when she is young?

Answer: it seems to me that there are many ways to keep the focus of your children. One thing in common is to let the children feel they are concerned, and that the attention of teachers, parents, or companions can mobilize their initiative and make them fully involved in it.


My child is almost 8 years old and has been learning ballet before.

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From dance lessons to life lessons

In Laurie's teaching video, we can see that the older children have springfully dance with the music. They act as gifts to each other, conveying a hypothetical flower, freely enjoying and enjoying them. The dance idea is more like a dance lesson than a life lesson. Laurie emphasizes that in the study of natural dance, children begin to know themselves, to know the people around, to know to share, to feel satisfied with themselves and to feel comfortable about everything around them, which undoubtedly gives them a good state of mind to create a good life that belongs to himself.

And the meaning of dance, especially the meaning of Duncan's dance, is precisely this.

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