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The difference between ballet and professional ballet

Edit:  Release Date:2018/7/5 15:38:04

Ballet is extended from ballet. Ballet, a body-building style, is used to be called ballet. Ballet professional training is very boring, and the body ballet is the purpose of fitness, the difficulty is low, it does not ask the leg kicking more straight, the feet high, how to do, it just teaches you how to blend the ballet characteristic of the elegant connotation into the way of life.

From the kinematic point of view of the dance training class, the three elements of Ballet 'opening, jumping and straight' have the function of contractive muscle fiber, which effectively consumes excess fat in the movement of the combination of motion and static, so that the body will become more slender after the practice. Therefore, although there is also physical consumption, but also do exercise, but its action more emphasis on muscle endurance, flexibility of the body, sports intensity is not very large, the general people can accept.

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