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Correct posture of ballet

Edit:  Release Date:2018/7/5 15:50:53

The standing posture of ballet is a very simple action, requiring the shoulder to sink to highlight the fine lines of the chest and neck, and to tighten the waist to stand upright to make the posture dignified. This simple action, in addition to beauty, has a direct help for health and weight loss.

The posture of ballet training can make you feel taller than a few centimeters, and make your body look softer. When practicing, imagine yourself as a princess, very tall and beautiful. Through this kind of "inside and outside repair", the physique and temperament have been trained.

First, the waist should be straight, the stomach and stomach should be closed, the buttocks should be clamped, the feet straightened, and the strength of the body will be placed on both feet.

Two, the neck should be lengthened, and the line of sight of the eye should be horizontal. The chin must be raised up.

Three, in ballet, standing will be divided into eight different directions, so that students understand the correct direction and position.

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